The Empire of Dragonisian States

 Welcome to the Empire of Draconic States.

An image of our glorified Emperor in uniform.

Maelstrom Vortex


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The Empire of Dragonisian States Imperial Doctrines

Subject to change at the Emperor's whims:

1. All Nations of the Empire of Dragonisian States Declare their loyalty to the Emperor and their trust in his guidance. No one may question him as rightful Sovereign

2. All Nations in the Empire cede military control to the Emperor, unless he grants them special authority over their military under special order.

3. The Nations in the Empire pledge themselves to economic co-operation in order to facilitate the growth of all member nations.

4. The Nations of the Empire Pledge themselves to the protection of all Dragons as they are viewed as the ultimate incarnation of creatures that have risen from natural evolution.

5. All Nations of the Empire of Draconic States will co-operate in the Imperial Command and Control Protocol System which will integrate all facets of government intelligence gather infrastructure and military power under one region-wide shield.

6. All economic activity will be coordinated under the central active state corporation, Dragons First. Dragons First activity will not be restricted solely to the realms within the Empire, but will seize assets globally for the glory of the Empire.