A Summary of the Federal Fraiz Republic, Including a Short History(December 2340-October 2392)

The Great Uprising ended on December 9th, 2340. The Fraizian Warlords, Donald Hzeiren, Migualla Sanravkt, and Donatello Brighton, had successfully ended the less than benevolent rule of Elijah Mark. Now that his terrible regime, know as the Central Alliance of United Fraizian Territories or CAUFT, had been destroyed, the land had no rulers. Donald Hzeiren had a solution; absolute destruction of his old friends, Migualla an Donatello. With them out of the way, he could easily march into Nikitea and proclaim himself ruler. A terrible war followed, in which the Warlords armies were destroyed. Migualla fled north, and Donatello fled south. Both chose not to retaliate, and stayed to rule their new conquests. Donald Hzeiren became the same as Elijah Mark. He was a despot, who took the land's name as his own. The new dictator, Donald Fraiz, ruled the land, unchallenged, for the next 38 years. On March 2nd, 2378, a group of Donald's personal governers met in the city of Selester, and plotted the downfall of the old dictator. Among these was a man named Manick Denver. Under the guidance of Mr. Denver, the governers secretly removed Donald's rule, law by law, citizen by citizen, in a matter of months. On May 28th, Donald Fraiz was evicted from his palace, and Manick Denver was elected First Prime Minister of the new Coltounic Federation(after the ancient name for the capital city). Manick's rule was best known for two unsuccessful wars, against The Grand Duchy of Tonyavia, and the Kingdom of Migualla. In 2387, Manick's low approval ratings caused him to lose the election to none other than Donald Fraiz the 4th, great great grandson of Donald Hzeiren-Fraiz. Donald quickly restored a Monarchy, and ruled the land for the next year. In 2388, he was assassinated, and replace by his closest relative, Kaleb Danielsen, who still rules today.