Welcome to the Home Page of The Abington Empire

I became the President of Abington in 2519. Abington is located on White Giant, on the continent of Lacerta, in the Lions Cub region. It is a bit of a fledgling country, with great hopes of becoming a serious, but peaceful world power.

I started the Empire with the hopes of being able to influence the other World Powers towards methods containing peace and democracy for settling disputes. It is my hope that each nation can exist beside one another without conflict.

I am open to trading with just about anyone, but you will need to start a proposal and send it to me. Also, you may trade with my enterprise, Wolf Enterprises, for many products. Wolf Enterprises currently stocks thousands, if not millions, in supplies currently in short supply in the world market. I sell at market price for most everything, but the quality index is usually higher than 100.0.