The History of Noonan Ranch

This is the Story of Noonan Ranch

Noonan Ranch is a rocky, Salman Doda region of Draca Mixor on White Giant. I have been President and Chancellor since May of 2410, just over 8 years ago. The country was very primitive when I first came to power, with most of the nation's industries devoted to poultry and poultry products. There was also a large arms industry, but the quality was poor and nobody would buy our weapons. It was a sad time and the people were ignorant. I brought roads and schools to the country and development came quickly

After several years of rapid development, our hearts were filled with hubris and we invaded our peaceful neighbor to the north, Coreedonia. Unfortunately, we were unskilled in the arts of war and hundreds of thousands of proud Noonan Ranchers were cut down in ill-advised human wave attacks undertaken against missile batteries and tanks. Although the cities and industries of Coreedonia were flattened, we were unable to triumph and forced to sue for peace. The after effects of this mistake live with us to this day.

Noonan Ranch has had a shift in its internatinal outlook and now believes in multilateralism. NR is a member of the West Fortius Quo Fidelius Federation and the White Giant CM. It is a thriving, modern industrial country dealing with th problems of globalization and healthcare. It has the best transportation network on the planet however, and is great fun to visit as it has completely decriminalized all recreational drugs and cock-fights are held every Saturday in churches across the nation.