The Great and August Cardboard Empire


On the World of Kebir Blue, on the continent of Eridana, in the serene region of Karabi Est, lies the sublime Empire of Cardboard. Currently comprised of two co-federal nations, Cardboard Paint and Port Cardboard, the Empire of Cardboard is home to over 15 million prosperous souls. Local matters are governed by national, democratically-elected parliaments, while the Empire is overseen by Emperor-For-Life Mr Noonan.
Cardboard Paint Era
In January of 2500, Mr Noonan assumed control of the previously lawless territory of Cardboard Paint. After establishing a capital in Paintastic (pop. 1.13 mil), he began to institute a serious of economic and social reforms to create a modern, democratic, capitalist paradise.
Where before the people were ignorant, Mr Noonan called for the building of hundreds of new elementary and high schools, and established 6 new universities. This also led to the creation of the Dalit and Malsberg Elementary School construction and development corporations.
Where the people once lived in squalor and disease, Mr Noonan began a program of construction for water treatment plants and hospitals and created the Escondido Water Maintenance Corporation. The public health system now ranks in the 90th percentile for the entire developed world.
Where the people previously were forced to travel by wagon and horseback, Mr Noonan called for the development of a national transportation system. This led to the construction of the Noonan Interstate System, comprising over 10,000 miles of modern highways and 4000 miles of rails. An international airport is also currently being considered.
The kleptocratic republic of Grecki was a constant thorn in the side of the Cardboard peoples. For years, the poor citizens of Grecki were oppressed and used like playthings by a series of incompetent military dictators. In January of 2506, Mr Noonan and the military of Cardboard Paint decided to liberate their brothers to the south, thus beginning the War of Cardboard Liberation. Due to years of mismanagement, the army of Grecki was totally unprepared for the coordinated assault of the Cardboard forces and the war was over by August. The war was devastating in Grecki, where over 20,000 people lost their lives, and all industry and infrastructure was totally destroyed by the overwhelming power of Cardboard. The Cardboard forces achieved their aims with very few military losses and no civilian deaths.