Information page (Sango and Nathan of Sango)


Located mainly in Pavoa Major, The Sangoian Empire is a medium sized empire with a strong and developing economy. Corporation value lies mainly with industry, government and high tech companies. The theme of the empire is music, my presidential photo is of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and various cities are named after bands and artists. For instance the capital city of the empire is Tyler.

Partnership with us:

My federation is the DKU, in which I am the Security Cheif. To join, you must 1st pass a series of security sweeps and read the regulations. More information is available by contacting Sango on your message page. I am also the CEO of Sango Consolidated LTD, trade opions available by messaging.


Our Yahoo Page:
Our rules and regulations:
To join click on "join this group" on our homepage, you must have a yahoo account to join.


Brince Falcon DKU: Darmathian Empire
General Panic Ambassador DKU: United Republic of Utopius
Samuel II: Imperial Fratsia