Welcome To My Natural Economy Growth

I have started in the year May 2434 and I have been the President of this country education stragety game for 6 game years.At the moment,I will only be building up the country to become the most powerfull economy growth that the game has to offer.The indexes will be so high that it wont be funny at all.If you read the game documentation it will give you an complete understanding on how the game works.As far as the natural economy growth is concern,I will only try to use the high indexes to boost the economy growth naturally and let the people come in natural.Also try and have low death rates as possible for the health reason in the country.Lower the health rate,the better.If you want to be successfull in the game,it takes time and there should be no rush at all unless if you want to quickly increase the score,then you will want to use the gold coins to buy population to increase your population quickly to get more corporations and use high indexes too.If you are full member,you can set your own buying and selling stragety.Non member cant set their own buying and selling.Also non member cant do is building stragetic corporations either.The president of the country and the president of the ceo will cost both 30GC and that is 60GC per month total to keep the game going.If you want to be profitable in your country,then I suggest you find companys that will sell the products in the long term business with fully upgraded effectivity and quality.Remove companys that dont sell.There are two ways to upgrade your companys and that is naturally let them upgrade it on automatic setting and this does take time or you can buy boosters such as super boost corpration with 10GC to boost one company to the max.But be aware when you super boost your company because your company will be in shortage of factory maintenace units and hiring as well.So check them later on when you are ready.In the mean time,you might want to look around some other players and check their country every now then to see how their going aswell.You can ask other players if you need help to deal with the country and to get started on building your country from scratch to success.Good luck.