Bonjour! Welcome to New Acadia!

Welcome to New Acadia, the homeland of the Cajun people.

These lands, once thought uninhabitable, were settled by the Cajun-French displaced by war in the north. New Acadia flies the Cajun Flag high and proud. Its three parts are filled with meaning. The blue field with three Flur-De-Lis represent the Cajuns French heritige. The red field with yellow castle represents the influence of the Spanish when the Cajun lands were controled by the Spanish. The white field with yellow star represents the Virgin Mary and the Cajun faith of Christianity.

Now boasting over 25 million people over three large areas, has become a major power in Karabi est. The capital of New Acadia is Lafayette (pn. La-fey-yet), is named after the found family of the name same but pronounced diferently to help make the distiction easier. New Acadia has seen great advancements in many fields. The growth of the oil and gas industry has allowed New Acadia to enter more openly into the industrial market, however food production still remains the countries main industry and main export. Much of New Acadias sucess can be attributed to the cooperation with its major neighbor The United Kingdoms. These two nations share a common market as well as borders. The two nations are united in peace and combined are the most powerful force in Karabi est.

New Acadia is governed by an Aristocracy. The counsel is made up of nobles elected by the last counsel out of all the noble families. The one constant has been the Lafayette (pn. La-Feet) family. These hiers of the famous Pirate/Privateer Jean Lafayette, have been recognised as the greatest noble house and the driving force for Cajun independence. As such, a Lafayette has served as head of the Noble Counsel since its creation.

Cajun culture is one born from a rich and unique heritige. Combining old world French with local customs has created a colorful and complex culture. Food and family are paramount, and makes the Cajun people easy to get along with. They are slow to anger and quick to forgive as long as its meaningful.

There are a few key things that make New Acadia a special and unique nation. Jambalaya, File Gumbo, Alligators, Swamps, Zydeco music and festivals abound and all are freely shared with peaceful outsiders.