The Republic of Newfondland and Labrador's homepage

Welcome to the official Newfondlandic country home!

Newfondland is one of the first Canadian provinces to gain independence from the remainder of the rest of Canada. I became the first president in the year 2015. But it wasen't all that easy, right now, in the Third World War, we are experiencing a major economic crises that is actually cured already. Although the army was built reasonably quickly, two of my neighbors started a war that brought large devastation to the region and the people of Newfondland had no choice, but to participate.

The war is still raging against the European Confederacy, and now, they are called the "Second Nazi" Germans except, we have Germany on our side.

We are currently doing well although a large part of our growth is invested into the army to prevent any Confederate troops to a devastating war on Newfondland's waters..

Our neighbors are currently trying to help out against those Confederate dogs, but we are trying all that we can!