Welcome to Nikannia

Nikannia (highlighted, see map) is one of the best countries in the region despite her size. I became president in February 2447 and had a peaceful and productive period with fast economic development. I sought, as any good leader does, further wealth, power and resources that only a empire can provide. So I waged a successful, yet bloody campaign against my neighbours Hockingland (directly east of Nikannia, see map). I annexed the country in January 2448 and have prospered from it ever since. For some months I settled down and focused on improving my country until I could no longer resist the temptation of a free country directly below me. However the war went badly and both sides took heavy casualties, thus I withdrew my campaign from that sector. I am not in a federation at this time, nor am I looking to be either, once I have established myself with a bigger empire then I may consider starting up a small federation for the local continent. Both countries are doing well, economically speaking, and my name is steadily rising up the best president list. I am currently building an army to ever expand the Mighty Nikannic Empire.