Welcome to the Reformed Protectorate of Anglia

My country is located in the Nakomo Valley, the westernmost region on the continent of Antilla Major. My country was the fourth in Nakoma Valley to have a president.

I became president of the Reformed Protectorate of Anglia on January 28 of the year 2167 after slightly less than four game years (three months real time) in Kebir Blue, ending on that world's date of May 31, 2211.

I had nearly 50 countries in Kebir Blue, but when I transferred to the Golden Worlds nearly all of them closed due to underutilization that was not a problem in Kebir but is in this world.

After some time I joined a trade federation and learned to use the common and local markets to make sure my companies had enough supplies to operate properly. I am now seeking an appropriate federation to join.

For now I am focusing on building my economy and will then work to pay off my debt. When that is done, I plan to aggressively build my military and carry out the policies of my namesake, Oliver Cromwell, waging war against infidels to bring their nations under a godly and humane reign of justice and prosperity.