Welcome to my Home Page (Omgtym8)

Hello there! My name is Omgtym8- not saying my real name, but you must ask me if you want to find out- and I live in Southend. I also go to the Grammer School, Southend High School for Boys (SHSB), but lets get more into 'ALL ABOUT ME' stuff. I have browny, grey eys and dark, spiky brown hair. I enjoy playing football, tennis and other sports, but I am best at tennis (I play at Garons) and I can play well in goal at football too. At school I am good at Englis and Art, ad I enjoy Art, D.T. English, I.C.T. and music. I have a cat, and I always love making friends, so if you don't have any m8s or u just fancy a new pal, just ask me. I'm sure to say yes. I hope you r all having fun at the moment, and remember me, Omgtym8. Enjoy playing Simcountry, and I hope u have enjoyed looking at my home-page, Omgtym8