Oronta is a country that protects it's citizens well, and conquers other countrys when  neccesary (This includes me just wanting more land!).
It's citizens are ussually happy, but sometimes the government needs money, so raises  taxes temporarily.
 It has alot of factories, creating alot of products to sell in the market.
 Oronta is always careful with its money. It doesn't need too much, but doesn't need to  little either.

Oronta is part of a federation called "Oringa".
You can join the federation via this webpage, but can also join by emailing me at:
In the email you must include:
Your country name, your flag, and where your country is.
Note that your country MUST be in "Kebir Blue".

Thankyou for reading this information on Oronta. I would appreiciate it if you could join  my federation, i only have 3 members so far.