Allied-Progressive Imperial History Page

Imperial History.
The Allied-Progressive Empire is a major player in World affairs in KB, with forces all around the world in different commitments. It is a member of The PRotectorate Federation and a close ally of Freedom Guard, chairman of The Protectorate. The Allied-Progressive Empire has a rish and long history. Currently the Empire is the Diplomatic officer of The Protectorate.

Historical Outline:

2412: Allied States Founded

2414: Allied States joins Auriga Bella Treaty Organization

2422-2423: War with Progressive Alliance
Progressive Alliance is annexed, Allied-Progressive Empire is created

2430: Allied-Progressive Empire joins The Protectorate federation
Proxy war against Serbia
Allied-Progressive Empire is appointed Security Officer of the Federation (5 year term)

2431: Proxy war against Hollandia
Carland and Untied Indiana declare war on The Protectorate Federation, however their alliance collapses and they sue for peace.

2431-2433:"Era of the Warring-States" Admitance of Carland and Untied Alliance plunge the federation into war. Allied states and Freedom Guard move to prevent federation infighting. Carland and Cole attempt to usurp power from Freedom Guard.Allied States counter-attacks traitors and Carland Leaves Fed. Cole is expelled from the federation soon after.

2434-2435: Phoenicia declares war on The Protectorate Federation and bombs Degerabane. The joint forces of the Allied-Progressive Empire, Freedom Guard and Luzon attack Phoenicia. Allied States forces defeat Phoenicia on February 8, 2435 and it is annexed into the Allied Progressive Empire.

2435-Present: Era of Isolationism: Withrawal from World Affairs. Names of Progressive Alliance and Phoenicia changed to Allied States 2 and Allied States 3.

2436-2437: The Micron Bollero Cold War between Freedom Guard and Republic of Freedom. Allied-Progressive Empire watches cautiously from a distance.

2437-2438: The Imperialist War
Republic of Freedom severely damages Freedom Guard and Swiss, counterattacks by Degerabane, Swiss, Freedom Guard and the naval forces of the Allied-Progressive Empire wear down the Republic of Freedom. Allied States delivers the final blow and ocupies the country for a short period before letting it go.

2439-2441:The Isolationist Era: The two main military powers of The Protectorate (Allied States and Freedom Guard) adopt an isolationist stance in order to allow their militaries and economies to recover from the latest conflict. Both nations withdraw from world affairs in the hope of preventing more wars. The Protectorate expands and new members bring big Empires into the Federation, incresing its strenght and stability.

2441-present: Allied-Progressive Empire emerges out of issolationism, period is marked by quiet work within the Fed, lack of major conflicts and crises.

2458: Allied Progressive Territory (former Phoenicia)receives full admition into the Empire on October 6, 2458. Its population is granted full citizenship, this move ends 23 years of occupation. Its name is changed to Allied PRogressive State

October 9, 2459: Park Cities defeated by Allied-Progressive Empire and added to the Empire's territory. Renamed as the Conquered Lands of Park Cities. Relatively easy victory for the Empire.

2460: Empire contributes large numbers of weapons to Congenia's failed war against Deadly Roses 02

March 16, 2462. Allied States celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Official Holiday declared for the 50th anniversary of the Empire's birth.

Timeline of Disasters:

November 1, 2437: Allied States 2 (Progressive Alliance) gets hit by a 6.4 earthquake. 2424 are killed, 32642 wounded, 49,555 displaced and one corporation destroyed. Thousands more die over the next few months

November 20, 2446: Allied States gets hit by a 6.43 earthquake. 8808 are killed, 92,689 are wounded, and 108,608 are displaced. No corporations are damaged, Thousands more die over the following mmonths.

October 7, 2461. Allied States hit by earthquake. 8978 people died immediately, 61729 people were wounded, 123015 persons had to be evacuated, 32171 homes were lost and 1 factory was destroyed. Many more die in the following months.