Welcome To The HomePage Of The Azerbajin Alliance Federation

Azerbajin, its federation and it's relations.

The country of Azerbajin though small in comparison to the surrounding countries is an area that is beginning to thrive under the careful leadership of a young leader named Ponyboy. This leader, though new to the country and its political system has managed to isolate the areas that are requiring the most improvment such as education, transportation and healthcare. It is the hope of the people and this countries governing party that the currently elected leader will be able to live up to the high standards of those he resides over and bring this country to new hights.

The Azerbajin Alliance Federation which was created not long after our current leader came to power is the sort of federation that strives to include those countries who have been supressed by others in the hoipes that together a lasting unity will be created and those less fortunate will be able to find better times.

currently this country and the federation that it's in is on good terms with its surrounding neighbours however, the thought of war and expansion has been considered and rejected on more then one occasion.