All are Welcome here, guests of The Honorable Mr. Quibs Quarkston, President of Quarkstream

The Quarkstream Way is one of Peace.

Beware though, our Blades of War will surprise any determined threat upon our borders~!!

My country began in February 2546 as one of the early settlements along the Eastern Edge of Lynx Minor, nestled along the surreal shoreline. I became president in the year 2548 and have begun my assimilation of the vast documentation new Presidents must absorb . . . a daunting process. I am confident I can become a great and inspiring leader for the citizens of this realm. We enjoy a peaceful and productive period, planning for a fast economic development.

We are currently investing in the early developement of our Benevon Quarksystems Enterprise, with our research and growth coming through education and high tech studies. An integral part of our growth is invested into our defensive cadres for the purpose of Optimum Deterence.

Our relations with our neighbors are very nearly seamless, though we plan to structure our Foriegn Affairs outreach programs around a peaceful development, one that encourages a strong financial alliance; one that will grow into a network of strong support to a peacetime Wall of Hope.

Thank you for considering your own part in this grand design. Your visit is a prosperous one and I hope you will enjoy continued wellness and Good fortune.

Remember, a Peaceful World means Pizza for Everyone~!

Peace in Our Time,
The Honorable Mr. Quibs Quarkston