Welcome to my Home Page (Type I)

At first, the Socialist States of Flamestorm Dragonica started out as a regular anarchist country with no leader, held together by weak "governments". However, some people opposed their weak country. They formed a group called the Shadowwolves. Shadowwolves, led by Reaver, started a coup and united the entire country, renaming it the Socialist States of Flamestorm Dragonica, or the S.S.F.D. The new, socialist government's first priority was to strengthen the economy. They contracted full production of the new state corporations to the country. They built schools, hospitals, transportation systems and water regulators. In fact, the country quickly rose to a regional power. The strategic area of the S.S.F.D was good. It's natural harbors will allow for a strong navy once the government decides to make one, and it was far away enough from the Kaukasus Federation, the strongest country in the region, so that the populace wouldn't worry.