Welcome to my Home Page (Type I)

My name is Richard Allen Wilson III. I reside in Holmes County , Florida and attended Holmes County High School. I'm starting higher learning in the Spring and am utilizing this last few months to search my soul & plan for my future. I look forward to University because I believe it will open not just intellectual doors , but will allow me to become involved in the causes of social justice , will allow me to get involved in religious organizations that express & represent my spiritual beliefs & will allow me to contribute to the common good of society. I'm a member of the Green Party USA , even though I'm voting for John Kerry in this election. Being a citizen of a rural community , there aren't many gateways for be to flex my muscles. We do not have an organized Green Branch here , we do not have Planned Parenthood , PFLAG , Human Rights Campaign , ACORN - or even a strong Democratic Party for that matter. We don't even have much of a religious choice around here - Southern Baptist Churches , a Methodist Church & Catholic Church. I'll be majoring in economics , believe I view economics as a field where I'll me able to make money for others and for myself. I don't believe "big business" is evil , because businesses are groups of people and any injustice originates with the individual. I believe that labor & entrepreneurship & stewardship are spiritual matters - the money was taken away from the guy that put his coin in the ground and the two that invested it and accumulated additional coins were rewarded , the last time the word "good" is used is with "gold" - the universal symbol of money & it was made clear that the love of money , not money itself , is the root of all that's evil. I believe the market-incentive is awesome and if it's used right , can transform the world. Ethical capitalism with sprinklings of Socialism - the Third Way - is the progressive path forward.