Welcome to the Government of Rhodesia

Welcome to the Government of the countries of Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia.

The current Conservative Party won the elections in May 2613 and took office in Rhodesia. The Prime Minister then made sweeping changes, building much needed schools, transport links and hospitals.

After scientists had evaluated the land it was found that Rhodesia was rich in minerals ready for mining so the Government created 5 new mining corporations.

In October 2620 the Conservative party of Rhodesia took part in the elections in the country of Polmano and won in a landslide victory. In one of the first acts of the new Parliment they changed the name of the country from Polmano to Southern Rhodesia.

The Government is committed to creating the kind of countries that people want to come and live and work in. We are pushing to create good transport links and good working enviroments coupled with excellent housing, schools and hospitals. We also welcome other companies and corporations to set up business in our countries and can offer them some of the best transport and labour costs in this part of the world.

In April 2621 Southern Rhodesia went to war with its neighbour La Republica del Shlish over land disputes.

In April 2622 after a year of fighting the war between Southern Rhodesia and its neighbour La Republica del Shlish ended with a peace agreement. The land dispute was not resolved but the border line between the countries was re-drawn and re-established so that no one was in any doubt of what land belonged to who.

After a period of nearly 40 years in 2660 which had seen the decline of the country from having full employment and good road and rail networks and hospitals and schools, the country of Rhodesia was now in a tired state and needed revitalising. There was nearly 70% unemployment and businesses had closed down all over the country leaving vast areas in an economic hardship.
Also the country called Southern Rhodesia had now broken away from its northern neighbour and had become its own country, further putting pressure on Rhodesia. Now was the time for change. That would start with a new leadership and Government

After 30 years of a dictatorship and failing economy and business, a revolution has brought in a new government that has promised change to the floundering country of Rhodesia. The people have grown tired of no investment and are now looking forward to the future.

After more years of failure in public services and the countries finances a communist revolution happened in Rhodesia and a new government voted in by the public who had grown fed up. In April 2703 new sweeping changes were made as the country was changed into a communist state. All control was moved to the central government. Was this the change that was needed in Rhodesia? or now called the RSSR.