Welcome to my Home Page For SmallVille

I hope you enjoy this game as much as i do. And dont forget, if you know or think others that you know will like this game, do recomend this game to them. Have fun playing, and DONT leave your Social lives for this game. Its fun, but not the center of your life.

This is my country in KB. I played this game a while ago and am back now to show others what i can achive. I started this Nation in 2398. My population and economy grew extordinaraly fast and my army is right behind them. This is my only country right now, but soon to become the bigggining of a large and strong Empire.

I am building a very strong economy to support a strong military.

Past experince has shown me that a week military and not knowing much about the game has very high priced disasters. That is why my country now has a powerful military and constantly growing. I am not hostile, but i will take new nations that i hope will not be ocupied when i invade, but if so, they will become part of my great empire.

I hope to improve relation with several neighbors and other active and wise players.