Sandinista, Nation of Auruga and the Aurugians

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Sandinista was a rather wealthy nation of Bethra, but the government paid no attention to it's citizens, thus become a long and tedious revolution, with millions of deaths. When it was all said and done, the Sandinist government took power, the country plummeted into debt and chaos. 30 years later, the nation stablized and became known for it's good health care, quick rise to notorious military, improving nationalized corporations, and broad education system.

While Sandinista has never had a war, they have preformed military strikes on the nation of 'union of comernce', a poorly spelled nation. These pre-emptive stricks were set to deter enemy military growth. Both nations have threatened each other in the past, because of this threat Sandinista's military made a drastic incline, the biggest military it has ever seen. union of comernce has declared war on two unallyed nations at once, and they ended in a stale-mate.

Sandinista runs the Sandinista Pact, a federation of Sandinist nations. Any nation willing to put it's people before it's weapons is welcome to join.

Sandinista has a growing economy, and will continue to do so, our great nation will continue to become one of the best places for all workers and military. Sandinista love to all. -Austin Cook, 1st of December, 2282