Ondolinian Empire


The origins of the current Empire of Ondioline can be found in the coastal nation of Jenny Ondioline. In June of 2503, an enigmatic and previously unknown figure assumed the presidency, Mr Senor Kool Keeth. While the people of Ondioline have always been known as skilled merchants and traders, Senor Keeth transformed the nation into a capitalist paradise through the building of a modern transportation network and by joining the Noonans Ahoy Common Market. The education of the people was also a priority and students' reading and algebra scores are among the highest in Eridana. He also undiversified the economy, forcing the people to produce little more than cattle feed, soybeans, rice, rocks and sand.

In 2507, a bizarre series of events led to the creation of the Ondiolinian empire. During a summit to discuss regional water rights, Senor Keeth and the viscious president of neighboring Cybele, Mr. Gerbik, began a bloodless war. By the next morning Cybele found itself annexed by Jenny Ondioline. A similar set of circumstances, with Mr Gerbik again playing a central role, led to the annexation of Pusherman (nee Xanthoria) three years later in 2510. Most recently, a joint police action between the Ondolinian Empire and the Cardboard Empire led to You Enjoy Myself being added to the Ondolinian lands in 2511.

Our relations with our neighbors have improved however and the three countries have long standing peace agreements.