Welcome to The Stillwater Republic

As the newly-elected President of the Stillwater Republic, Ian Stillwater intends to build a new nation, concieved in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. While every other government in human history has grown in size and arrogance, and eventually but inevitable become over-bearing, oppressive and tyrannical, President Stillwater is striving to establish a new type of government -- of, by and for the people. For it is his firm belief that true political power lies in the sovereign citizens of the nation, rather than in the assumed authority of some self-absorbed figurehead. And it is through this belief that President Stillwater intends to develop a peaceable nation, but one which can defend against anny agressor. He intends to build a prospering nation, through which every man, woman and child can achieve their greatest dreams through hard work, dedication, and honor.