Welcome to the New National Workers Union.

The New National Workers Union is a “social parliamentary democracy” that adheres to the values and ideals of democratic socialism, humanism and progressive environmentalism. We are a nation that favors social justice, human rights, technological innovation and environmental preservation. We are a nation of reason over religious dogma, a nation of compassion over warmongering, and a nation of broad based success over wealth accumulation by an elite. The Parliament of the New National Workers Union is headed by a “Red Coalition” between the Unified Workers’ Party and the Social Democratic Nationalists. The Prime Minister is the Honorable Mr. Stonewall, Chairman of the Unified Workers’ Party and founder of the multinational Global Business Solutions enterprise. The Parliament is working on a number of projects designed to stimulate broad based economic growth and job creation by minimizing business taxation and forming partnerships with multinational enterprises. National industries are being upgraded to foster technological innovation and an upward shifting in job creation from low-level positions to high-level managers, scientists and engineers. The National Treasury is pursuing active Keynesian solutions to spurring aggregate demand by investing in public infrastructure, education, health care and social wealth transfers. In addition, public sector workers are enjoying a lavish lifestyle made possible by an unprecedented increase in salaries and benefits. In the social arena, the New National Workers Union subscribes to Liberal Humanism. From subsidized abortions to gay and lesbian marriages, the country is an international leader in the freedom of choice. There’s no official drinking age and most mind altering substances are legal. Comprehensive anti-discrimination laws have eliminated all forms of prejudice practiced by employers and public agencies. The rapid growth of Atheism and Agnosticism has served to undermine prejudice by removing racism, sexism and homophobia that’s driven by religious dogma. Lenin, the nation’s capital, is a world headquarters for gays, lesbians and bisexuals. The famous “Global Gay Day Celebration” brings in millions of tourists from all over the world and receives public subsidies of $1 billion. The liberal and open-minded culture has accommodated a thriving community of Disc Jockeys, Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, Actors, etc. While a prosperous and emerging world leader, the New National Workers Union is suffering from a number of problems. As hundreds of thousands of new jobs have been created, there’s a nationwide labor shortage. With public sector growth surpassing national economic growth, many are wondering how long the Treasury’s surpluses can be maintained. While the national companies are breaking even, the Parliament continues authorizing massive transfers of taxpayer money to corporate coffers. The country’s generous social security system that’s targeting a minimum benefit of 200% a low-level worker’s salary has created a disincentive for people to participate in the workforce and threatens to explode into a burdensome financial liability that could drown the nation’s financial solvency. In the social arena, radical open-mindedness has created a culture of oppression and discrimination against the closed-minded. Less liberal citizens are harmfully ridiculed and shunned for being “racists, sexists, xenophobes, Anti-Semites, etc.” Free spirited individualism and “live and let live” is causing moral deterioration and decadence with public displays of sexual attraction, curb side prostitution, gang bang saunas and bathhouses, money laundering by the mafia and terrorists, illegitimate investment schemes that steal money from the unsuspecting, aggressive protests, demonstrations and riots, a widespread drug abuse epidemic, binge drinking, abortion-on-demand.