Welcome to Stumps Inc., an enterprise for a bigger tomarrow.

Stumps Inc. is ran by CEO Roger Lee (commonly refered to as, Mr. Lee.)

As no doubt, you have seen our ratings and information related to our enterprises standings, I will not waste space discussing them here. If you haven't seen our statistics then please visit our enterprises information page.

So far, I would have to say that we are doing very well.
Our tactics in business tend to be a little unorthodox in nature as we don't concentrate so much on building new corporations. Instead, we tend to buy out other corporations that we see as beneficial to Stumps Inc.
With the addition of each new company we gain more power towards an eventual goal of acting as a secondary semi-world bank.
This is an aggressive goal as any corporation can have and that is exactly why we have it as our goal.

I can see that you're smirking. Well...perhaps I am a fool. But if the day comes when you borrow from us, just remember the day you were reading this and smirking.

Stumps Inc. is part of the APC&C Common Market (Alliance of Peaceful Countries and Corporations Common Market).
As being such, we do not partake in war. It's not that we don't condone it. We couldn't survive if no one needed war machines. We just like not having to spend extra wasted money on military might when it can be spent to further our true goal.
Stumps Inc owns a country. That's right. We own the country. Not the other way around. The country is New Stumpland. It is a neighbor country to Stumpland just northeast of it.

By now, you're scratching your head trying to figure this out.
I'll make it easier.
There are, at present, 2 enterprises and 2 countries of which are linked together.
They are:

Stumps Inc.
Stumps Co.

New Stumpland


Together, these 4 major entities make up the Stumpinian Empire
The ownership of these 4 entities is as follows:

President: Mike Kabijj
Vice President: Roger Lee

Stumps Co.
CEO: Mike Kabijj
Vice CEO: Roger Lee

New Stumpland
President: Roger Lee
Vice President: Mike Kabijj

Stumps Inc.
CEO: Roger Lee
Vice CEO: Mike Kabijj