Welcome to my "Your Not As Cool As Me Site"

Hello. I am Ryan and you just looked at my site, this means i uploaded 908,757,857,657 viruses into your computer. Usually side affects take place when you finish reading this sentence which is now............... ha i win, wait wheres the period? oh there it is ->. wooooooooo I crack my self up. i think my country is the greatest and is far more superior than kevin's. I shall destroy thy who ever dares to try to take over my site. Ok, let me tell you about me. I was president of Mars in my forer life and was sent here to take over the world but the Gaundi killed me. I love to eat pizza and my base is set up in Nevada called tumasterdycu, A.K.A. Area 51. the people who told me were zerlagons from the planet umaga in the galaxy nubanon just before Bob, my robot t.v., was attacked by zentars evil men.