Welcome to the Corporate Zombie Nation homepage

This is only a test.

My country is undergoing a period of rapid growth. I became president in the year 2611 and inherited a trashed economy from the last administration. My population of 6 million was too small to support the 13 corporations in CZN. The infrastructure was outdated, and the workforce was undereducated.

I made the decision to improve education and transportation first. My next priority was to close unprofitable corporations.

Currently CZN is showing steady growth in population. I have 2 new corporations catering to the High Tech industry. Taxes are lower than when I became president, and salaries are higher.

As a new member of simcountry, I have not yet contacted my neighbors. But soon we hope to have an economic climate that makes CZN a desirable nation for new companies to locate. .

Note: the images here will be updated in the near future...as soon as I make a screen capture of my map. :D