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Welcome to The Nyakian Empire's official home page.

Nyakia is a small empire that is located on the Nyakian Peninsula on the tip of the Great Hills region of the Paova Major Continent. The nation's largest focus economically is the development of new technologies and electronics.
The Empires's national anthem is called the Kimigayo. Here is a link to it...
Click here to listen.
The Empress took power on Aug. 1st, 2408.
The Nyakian Empire is a fairly mountainess and hilly nation with a rich history and culture that very unique to the rejoin mainly die to the fact that the peninsula practiced a strict form of isolationism during it's history. Nyakia is very much so dependent on the seas around it and almost 70% of the nations food supply comes from it.
The Nyakian flag is as follows...
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The yellow sun represents The Empire and the Empress and the rays extending out of the circle through the black field represent The Empires reach to the world around it and it as the light shinning through the darkness as The Empire spreads is influence and boarder over the world.
The two main races of the Nyakian Empire is human (mostly Asian) and Nekomimi (neko for short), with Nekos being the minority.For every 50 humans their is one Neko. In fact the Nekos were almost chosen to be added to the list of endangered species since they are so few and most of the worlds population of Nekos is present in the Empire.
The climent of The Empire is tropical to sub tropical along the coasts, with a very temperate and cold climate as you rise in elevation towards the senator of the nation and the northern boarder.
The Nyakian Empire, or Nyakia for short, is one of the first nations on the continent to be formed as a direct result of the peoples revolt. In the year 2400 a young military leader in the former Armed Rebpulic Of New Headiolns began to go public with her discovery of corruption in the central government and started to gain a small following as she cried out for changes to be made to the federal government of the former republic to better the people of the nation and it's economy. The Armed Rebpulic Of New Headiolns was infamous for it's under the table type politics as well as it's failing economy and poor overall lifestyle in the nation. Most would claim that it was only a republic in name, and was rather a collective of dictators that shared power and used fear to obtain and keep their positions as senators of The Armed Rebpulic Of New Headiolns. As a result of the young military commanders treasonistic cries for drastic changes the way the nation was run, the central government court marshaled her and threw her in jail with out a trial and placed her on death row for treason. The young commander, who's name was Lt. Nyake Tanabe, was very wise to be very vocal and by the time she was thrown in to her cell she had developed a large public following and was even favored by the people as a possible candidate for the senate and possibly to even be the first female, non-human speaker/chairman of the senate. Shortly after Nyake was thrown in to prison the public rallied together and stormed the prison freeing Lt. Tanabe. From that day on she would then lead a army of the people against her nations government in a civil war that would last for 2 long years until finally she was able to overthrow the senate and placed her self as Supreme Empress Nyake Tanabe of the newly formed Nyakian Empire, and would do so with the peoples full support and blessing.
Empress Tanabe's most well know trait is her very aggressive nature and she is prone to not ever take no for an answer. Once she has her mind set on a goal she will do everything in her power to see to it that she not let anything prevent her from reaching it, no matter what. Empress Tanabe truly does consider herself as a servant to the people of her nation and puts their overall well being first and foremost. In fact since the end of the Nyakian Revolution the living conditions in the nation have vastly improved as well as poverty levels dropped. and had a peaceful and productive period with fast economic development. Although the army was built reasonably quickly, two of my neighbors started a war that brought large devastation to the region.
Our relations with our neighbors have improved however and the three countries have long standing peace agreements.
(The Second Picture to the right is of Supreme Empress Nyake)
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Supreme Empress Nyake Tanabe became the supreme commander and ruler of her nation with the blessing of it's people during the revolutionary war that she her self sparked against the former government that had been oppressing the people for far too long. She, like most nekos, had been draffeted into the former republics army and was forced to serve in there for a good number of years starting when she was 16 years old. The former republic used their neko minority by forceing them into hard labor or the military because of their dexterity and agility as well as their stamnina and speed. The Empress was taken to a traing facility where she was fed endless amounts of propaganda and, like most other in the military, began to obediently serve her nation with out question.
Surprisingly she was able to move up in rank due to her loyalty to the nation. It was vary rare to see a neko advance in rank and even rarer to see one become an officer. after a year of serving as officer in the former republics central military comand offices Empress Nyake began to bare whitness to the horros the military's actions and the republic. She saw the truth to the lies that they had been fed and saw how her kind was used.
Outraged, the Empress promptly leaked info into the public and blew the roof off the government's lies. The people were outraged and begain to cry for the possibility of a revolution and called for mass changes to the way they were led. As a result Empress Nyake was arrested and sent straight to death row to make an exsample ofher to the people. Exactly one week before she was to be shot by a fireing sqaud, an event that would be made veiwable to the public, the people of her nation stormed the prison and began to revolt all across the nation. Large platoons of troops walked away from the military after learning the truth about their nation and some even helped in the revolution.
Half way through the war Empress Nyake's Liberation Army became the leading military force in the civil war and by the end of the war had completely taken the entire peninsula except for the capitol city under it's control. On July. 29st, 2408, Supreme Empress Nyake made one final campaign against the Capitol and quickly seized control of the city. On Aug. 1st, 2408, on the steps of the former senate house, The Empress made a highly publicized speech and announced that she was now the in control of the republic and on that day it would be now known as The Nyakian Empire, and she named herself as the Supreme Ruler. The Empress is a neko, but has shown fair and equal treatment to both humans and nekos. She has light grey whiskers on her face and is covered with a fine coat of light tan fur. Her hair is a silvery blue that matches her eyes and eyebrows. On her cheeks her fur is striped with dark brown fur. Her cat like ears and tail are covered with dark brown fur and have black tips. She is 5'1l".
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