Welcome to the homepage of George W. Bush - US of America's President

I became president in the year 2188 and had a peaceful and productive period with fast economic development. Americas army was growing fast but so was the enemies, war has not broke out yet but soon will. We are currently doing well although a large part of our growth is invested into the army to prevent mass destruction
Americas relations with Its neighbors has improved although they could turn just like that. Me as george bush will be ready for these attacks and we will fend of our enemies and conquer the weak! all hail America! My Facts: Born: July 6, 1946. Birthplace: New Haven, CT. Home City: Austin, TX. Family: Wife - Laura Welch Bush. 2 children - Jenna, Barbara. Father: George H. Bush, 41st President of the United States. Mother: Barbara Pierce Bush, former First Lady. Siblings: Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Dorothy. Religion: Methodist. Education: MBA, Harvard University, 1975. BA, History, Yale University, 1968. Military experience: Pilot, Texas Air National Guard, 1968-1973. Career highlights: Former Board Member, Tom Brown Inc. Founder/CEO, Bush Exploration, 1975-1986. General Partner, Texas Rangers Baseball Organization, 1989-1994. Political Experience: President, United States of America, 2000-2008. Governor of Texas, 1994-2000. Candidate, United States House of Representatives, 1978. Official website: www.georgewbush.com Nickname: "W", Dubya, George W., "43." High School Attended: Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. Ice Cream Flavor: Pralines and Cream. Favorite color: Blue. Favorite Children's Book: 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', by Eric Carle. Favorite food: Mexican. Favorite drink: Diet soda. Favorite movie: "Field of Dreams." Favorite TV shows: "Biography" on the A&E channel, baseball. Pets: 2 dogs - Spotty, Barney. 1 cat - India. Hobbies: Reading, jogging, fishing, and watching baseball games. Best impersonator of me: Will Ferrell (Saturday Night Live). Astrological Sign: Cancer.