United Republic

Dear Visitor or Member of the Federation, Thank You For Visiting the site of the greatest nation on earth United Republic. We also have a federation called United World and my nickname is inister so if you want to join come and join also we are accepting positions. For example Secratary of treasury (person in charge of budget) and many other Secratary positions and ther Secratary postions are the same as the real United States of America ones. So contact me fast and join we pick new leaders every 7 months. And for inacting new rules 52 or 54 percent i forget but anyway 52 or 54 percent are needed to change a rule. We offer alot of services and if you want to hear about them contact me on the game or e-mail me in the real world to mrbekhor@socal.rr.com We hope to get only the best of the best but if your nation isn't then we'll make it the Best of the BEST. Sincerely, President of the United Republic